Resurrection Ballroom Teil 19 - Setlist

lfd. Nr.
 001 Eric Fish Anders sein
 002 Editors racing rats (acoustic)
 003 Current 93 Rome for Douglas
 004 Death in June Rose clouds of holocaust
 005 Joy of Life warrior creed
 006 Triarii Roses 4 Rome
 007 Sixth Comm pipes of gold
 008 In my Rosary short dance
 009 In the Nursery bombed
 010 Clan of Xymox no human can drown
 011 She wants Revenge tear you apart
 012 The Killers somebody told me
 013 Glasvegas Geraldine
 014 Interpol No1 in threesome
 015 Dreadful Shadows burning the shrouds
 016 Sisters of Mercy detonation boulevard
 017 The Mission Severina
 018 Phillip Boa & the Voodooclub I don’t need your summer
 019 Die Art alles was dein Herz begehrt
 020 Mia hungriges Herz
 021 Fliehende Stürme Himmel steht still
 022 Einstürzende Neubauten Haus der Lüge
 023 Kirlian Camera Odyssey Europa
 024 Sixth Comm nothing life
 025 IAMX the great shipwreck of life
 026 Wissmut tanz mit mir
 027 Sisterhood giving ground
 028 Human League being boiled
 029 Gary Numan I’m an agent
 030 OMD electricity
 031 Siouxsie & the Banshees red light
 032 Depeche Mode blasphemous rumours
 033 Yazoo nobody’s diary
 034 Kim Wild chequered love
 035 Cyndi Lauper she bop
 036 Kirlian Camera Heldenplatz (original)
 037 Calva Y Nada finstere Zeit
 038 Eternal Afflict we Lebanon you
 039 Pitchfork Alpha Omega
 040 Charles De Goal decadence
 041 Manaam lipstick on the glass
 042 Le Tigre deceptacon
 043 Nim Vind killing Saturday night
 044 Merry Thoughts 2nd generation
 045 Sixth Comm Othila
 046 Joy Division Transmission
 047 Gary Numan a prayer for the unborn
 048 Ina Deter Band neue Männer braucht das Land
 049 Sisters of Mercy heartland
 050 Wolfsheim the sparrows and the nightingales
 051 Bel Canto shoulder to the wheel
 052 The Exploding Boy heart of glass
 053 The Cure a forest
 054 Bandits don’t forget to catch me
 055 Siouxsie & the Banshees killing jar
 056 David Bowie ftarman
 057 Billi Idol flesh for fantasy
 058 Brendan Perry utopia
 059 Nefilim shine
 060 Eden House to believe in something
 061 Metallica one
 062 The Rolling Stones paint it black
 063 Velvet Underground I’m waiting for the man
 064 Nick Cave weeping song
 065 Johnny Cash Personal Jesus
 066 IAMX kiss and swallow
 067 Placebo ashtray heart
 068 Death In June come before Christ...
 069 NIN head like a hole
 070 Neubauten die Befindlichkeit des Landes
 071 Kirlian Camera eclipse
 072 Anne Clark heaven
 073 Dead Can Dance Rakim
 074 Lisa Gerrard human game
 075 Dead Can Dance Oman
 076 Clan Of Xymox back door
 077 Charles De Goal exposition
 078 Fields watchman
 079 Plasmareds Alarmstufe Rot
 080 Blondie heart of glass
 081 Cure a strange day
 082 Frank The Baptist ever
 083 B-Movie nowhere girl 12
 084 Beatles yellow Submarine
 085 Drafi Deutscher shake hands